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lunedì, settembre 08, 2003

PATRICIA HIGHSMITH - Due libri, pubblicati quest'anno, raccontano la vita di Patricia Higsmith. Mi riferisco a "Beautiful Shadow. A Life of Patricia Highsmith" di Andrew Wilson e a "Highsmith. A Romance of the 1950s" di Marijane Meaker.
Elise Harris ne parla generosamente sul NY Times in "Her Well of Loneliness" ripercorrendo per sommi capi la vita della scrittrice di psico-trhiller più apprezzata del '900.
"Marijane Meaker is best known for young-adult novels, written as M. E. Kerr, but also for thrillers (''Come Destroy Me'') and steamy lesbian romances, and a confessional style animates ''Highsmith,'' her sincere account of their relationship, which took place between 1959 and 1961.
Wilson is less confident about Highsmith's creative life than her emotional one. ... She started writing because it helped purge anxiety and organize her vulnerable psyche. She continued out of her ambition to become a novelist of psychic conflict; her great hero was Dostoyevsky. Her books take hostility, guilt, anxiety and resentment, exaggerate them and project them into the world. "

Sul Guardian, invece, Natasha Walter recensisce il libro di Wilson in "A lover, not a liker"
"This is the first biography of the writer who died in 1995, and it is a good one, stacking up oodles of anecdotes and interpretations. Perhaps it is because of its thoroughness that Highsmith remains rather elusive throughout its pages, never a simple personality, but always deeply contradictory."



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