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giovedì, luglio 03, 2003

JEANETTE WINTERSON - Tra le novità di Luglio, sul sito di Jeanette Winterson compare un estratto di una lunga intervista fatta alla scrittrice, da poco pubblicata sul libro di analisi e critica letteraria "Jeanette Winterson (Vintage Living Texts)".
"MR: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - for obvious reasons – is written in the first person, but actually the first person is your favourite mode. Why?

JW: Because it’s direct. Because it sets up an intimacy which is and isn’t true. People think that you’re talking only to them. You’re not, of course, because hopefully other people are reading the book at the same time. So there is a little trickery there. But there’s also an honesty to it, because reading is a one to one experience. It’s a direct connection between reader and writer. It’s not the same as going to the cinema or the theatre. It’s something that you do privately, silently, no one can see what you’re doing, you’re not sharing the experience and that does make it peculiarly intimate. I think that’s valuable in a world where people have very little private time and space now because it sets up a virtual world of your own. And I like to make that space as close and as secret as I can. I like the reader to feel that for that time, at least, nothing else exists and they are entering a world – a bit like the Ancient Mariner I suppose – where somebody is stopping them on their busy ways and saying ‘Listen to this. Here’s a story’."
È un po' lunga: la sto leggendo a rate :)



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